Live and Learn


Two months ago I decided to do a Styled Wedding Shoot. As some of you may know projects like these take a lot of planning and least amount of shooting, unfortunately. It took me a lot of time to find the right people and vendors who were willing to participate in the shoot. After two months I had everything ready to go! Make-up artist, hair stylist, props, flowers, dresses, model, great location and perfect weather. Everything was going according to the plan. Well......almost everything.....

I was debating if I should write this at all because I didn't want to sound like I am nagging.  However, my disappointment has overwhelmed me as this was one of my special babies/projects.  After hundreds of emails, confirmations and last minute touch ups my model decided to cancel on me 3 hours before the shoot. I shell not name names and give you her absurd reasons for cancelling but I rather point out to all my fellow photographers that having a back up model for a large shoot like this might be wise! And for was a "live and learn" lesson .

Although, the shoot was canceled I still had the dresses and the flowers and couple of hours before the sunset.  Since everyone that was going to be involved was doing this in exchange for the images,  I felt it would be only fair to try and do some shots for the people that had given me the dresses and the the flower bouquets.  I called my girl Bailee and asked her if she can help me out. We had two hours of sunlight, a positive attitude,  and we made a new friend who watched us throughout our shoot. (last image in the post).

After all, the day turned out to be great. As for me - I will still try to do the original project sometime this year but for now it's and learn!

Flowers: Jeniffer Bichard from Plan It Weddings

Dresses: Lenny Entwistle from Lenny's Vintage Vault

This is our friend: Mr. Coyote. Taken with my phone camera.