Earth To Ethers Shoot

I never felt more lucky as far as the weather goes. It's been raining continuously in Vancouver. For this shoot we kept changing the date until we just didn't have a choice anymore. We picked a date rain or shine and my panic started setting in. This was a shoot for company called Earth to Ethers Mfg. for a new yoga product, Lotus Wrap. The overall feel was to be earthy, healthy and relaxed. How do you shoot a model meditating and using the Lotus Wrap with a major down pore!!!??? Well guess what? .....That morning the sun was out!

Here are the wonderful people I got to work with on this day:

Organizer: Kara Schwandt from Earth To Ethers Mfg.

Models: Dona Alstad, Sayuri Hamada

Hair and Make Up: L'nielle Joy

Wardrobe: Balsam and Vine

Jewellery: Amber from Shine Jewels

Assistants: Kristi Schwandt and Mark Machpee

Photography: Mimosa Photography