Marina and Sergej life style portraits

My trip to Serbia was wonderful. It was really hard to keep the camera down and just enjoy everything. To satisfy my craving I had a mini session with my friend Marina and her son Sergej. Belgrade has so many beautiful and historical spots for charming backgrounds it almost feels too easy. You don't need to look for a location to photograph. Every street, every corner or park has something that has been stranded in time. It may be a building, a wall, a tree, park, or a person. This shoot was done at Kalemegdan Fortress downtown Belgrade.  Marina and Sergej were absolutely  wonderful to photograph. Sergej was very interested in shooting with my camera so that was my bargaining chip from time to time.  If he corporates he gets to press a bottom and take one picture. It worked like a charm! He was very patient and we had a blast. By the end of the session we really bonded. Marina later said to me,  after I left he had asked her "Where is MY Maja?"  Too cute!