The short version:

Breathe – photography.
Sleep – in Vancouver.
Play – all over the world.
Cuddle – with my dogs and kids
Love – absolutely.
Worship – The chocolate.
Happy – with a good deed.
Dislike – flying.
Thinking – enough about me!

The long version:


Born in Serbia when I was 11 my family and I moved to Tokyo, Japan.  We lived there for four years . To make long story short, later when I turned 18 I ended up moving back to Japan where I later started  photographing.

I fell in love with a camera while traveling. This is when I started thinking of totally changing my carrier from hospitality business to photography.  I started shooting food for the menus and the various events that the company I worked for had been organizing.  A year after,  I was on my way to Vancouver, Canada. I graduated with Honours in Digital Photography  from Vancouver Institute of Media Arts.  Soon after that I started MajaImages.


 I live and work in Vancouver. When I am not photographing I love playing with my dogs. If it was up to me I would have my chocolate house full of dogs! Yes, I am  addicted to chocolate too!

 Apart from being a wedding and event photographer I am a huge lover of art.  I love to express myself through my fine art projects. My work has been published and has won various awards. My last exhibit was In Jun 2014 in New York. To see my fine art projects please visit here.

Due to my special attachment to art, my photography style  in weddings  and events  very much reflects that.


We shall see.



My love are my fur babies and my recently born twin daughters.  There is so much I can say about them but I will just leave the pictures  to speak .  

My Style of Photography

My style of photography is a blend of photojournalism and fine art.

When photographing an event or occasion I am an observer and not a photographer staging your event as I think it should be.  To keep your story sincere I capture  the spontaneous moments of you and your event. 

I allow myself a certain freedom when I photograph. I break the basic  rules of photography to gain an interesting result.  I experiment with techicques and composition . For this reason I consider my style very organic and different.


Big part of my photography is getting to know you. I enjoy meeting new people and cracking my lame jokes. This way it helps both of us relax and simply just have fun!
— ME