About Maja

Breathe – photography.
Sleep – in Vancouver.
Play – all over the world.
Cuddle – with my dogs and kids
Love – absolutely.
Worship – The chocolate.
Happy – with a good deed.
Dislike – flying.
Thinking – enough about me!



My love are my fur babies and my recently born twin daughters.  There is so much I can say about them but I will just leave the pictures  to speak .  

Maja’s Style of Photography

My style of photography is a blend of photojournalism and fine art.

When photographing an event or occasion I am an observer and not a photographer staging your event as I think it should be.  To keep your story sincere, I stand back and try to capture spontaneous moments of you and your event. 

Technically I allow myself a certain freedom when I photograph. I break the basic rules of photography to gain an interesting result.  I experiment with techniques and composition to tell your story in a original way.


Creativity takes courage.
— Henry Matisse